Executive Staff


Executive Staff

Michelle Watson

Michele Watson is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Florida Alliance of Children’s Councils and Trusts. In this role, Michele provides leadership for the businesses, organizations, agencies and other key stakeholders involved with FACCT. Michele has been involved with the work of FACCT for many years, utilizing her expertise in data analysis and system development in the areas of education, policy and finance. Her efforts have helped make business cases for the need for increased investments and policy changes in education. Having received a degree in early childhood education from Florida State University, Michele began her career as an educator for the Polk County School Board for eight years. Upon moving to Tallahassee, she became the Policy Chief for Florida’s Office of Early Learning where she was responsible for coordinating early learning policy with the Florida Legislature as well as 31 local early learning coalitions. In 2012, Michele founded Watson Policy Solutions to focus on helping organizations identify systemic issues, develop new processes, and create system improvements to ensure maximum efficiency that allows entities to focus more on mission activities and services.

Sarah Heath

Sarah serves as the SAMIS Coordinator for the SAMIS Collaborative. In this capacity, Sarah supports the SAMIS Management Group in designing and implementing the SAMIS system for all collaborative members and partners. Sarah also supports FACCT with special projects.

Before joining the Florida Alliance of Children’s Councils and Trusts, Sarah spent eleven years in Florida’s early learning system. As the Provider Relations Manager at the Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend, she worked in partnership with state and community agencies to serve families and childcare partners in seven counties. Her relationships with childcare providers on the front lines of Florida’s early education system give her unique insight into the needs of Florida’s youngest children. Sarah has over two decades of experience bringing people and systems together. She is passionate about improving Florida child and family outcomes by using data to tell their stories.

Grant-Funded Initiatives

Grant-Funded Initiatives

Jennifer Faber

Jennifer Faber is the Director of Grade Level Reading at the Florida Alliance of Children’s Councils and Trusts, providing leadership support and coordination for all aspects of the Florida Grade Level Reading Campaign. She works closely with the existing and developing community campaigns providing technical assistance to the Community Leaders Network ensuring access to resources needed to set outcomes for children, implement aligned activities, and demonstrate progress toward goals. Additionally, Ms. Faber helps facilitate connectivity among the campaign’s State Policy Thought Leaders, the Early Learning Business Alliance and the Funders Collaborative to ensure synergy and alignment.

Jenn earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Sport Management at Robert Morris University (PA) and relocated to Florida in 1986 to begin her career in early learning and out-of-school time. Her extensive afterschool training history has included speaking engagements and keynote presentations in 38 of our 50 states as well as Germany & Japan. Jenn co-authored the Florida Standards for Quality Afterschool Programs and the Florida Core Competencies for Afterschool Practitioners; serves as the school-age care content expert for Florida Department of Children & Families; served eight years on the Florida After School Alliance Board of Directors; was a founding member of the Florida Afterschool Network; served as an Afterschool Alliance Ambassador and afterschool accreditation endorser; was trained in leading ‘Communities of Practice’; and lead several statewide network initiatives focused on provider/child relationships, early learning curriculum and quality afterschool services.

Over the past thirty years, Jenn has advocated for out-of-school time issues, written articles for local, state and national publications, provided training and technical assistance to a wide variety of audiences, assisted in the design of Florida’s early learning and afterschool professional development systems and served on national and state OST committees, as well as on local parks and recreation and YMCA Board of Directors in south Florida. Her endless commitment and enthusiasm to ‘provide quality out-of-school time learning experiences for all children’ has made her life-long work a daily pleasure!

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A Message from Our Chair

Florida’s future is dependent on the delicate balance between the health of its natural resources, the vitality of its economy and the well-being of its residents.

Each year, lawmakers face challenging decisions in directing resources towards programs and services aimed at improving the environment, the economy and the lives of individuals and families that call Florida home. To this end, the Florida Alliance of Children’s Councils and Trusts serves as a leading voice in advocating for the future of our youngest residents, our children.

The Florida Alliance of Children’s Councils and Trusts works year round to help educate and inform lawmakers on the importance of investing early in the lives of children. We know from research that the sooner a child is given the opportunity to thrive, the more everyone benefits from their successes. These successes include arriving at kindergarten ready to learn, being raised in safe and supportive communities, having access to quality afterschool programs, and being given the tools to grow into productive, healthy adults. We also know that in order to ensure these positive outcomes for all of our children, worthy investments must be made.

With more than four million children and youth calling Florida home, FACCT targets its messaging and data to meet the range of needs that impact the lives of children, youth and their families. We work tirelessly along with our partners to ensure a policy agenda for children is not only recognized, but embraced. We believe that it is everyone’s interest for all children to have the chance to be successful and to grow up strong, safe, and healthy.